Grain Policy 2020





2019 Harvest Programs


Spot Pricing:  Pricing can be done over the scale Monday – Friday from 7am – 6pm.

Bushels dumped during the weekend will be placed on open that can be sold on Monday.


Check pickup: During Harvest checks will be ready for pick up the following morning by 10am at our main office.


Delayed Price: 


Soybeans:       Free until the end of Delivery month then 6 cents per month thereafter.


Old Crop: roll over Free until 11.29.19 if not priced by then a 5 cent fee and 5 cents per month starting on 12.1.19.

 New Crop Free until 11.29.19 if not priced then 5 cents per month thereafter.

All Dp Charges are prorated by the day.

Above charges are Subject to change at any time. If grain is not priced by Sept 30th 2020 there will be a 10 cent rollover fee and placed on New Crop 20 DP Program.


All DP contracts must be signed and returned with 30 Days or subject to additional charges.


Short Term Open Storage:  Grain can be placed in open from Friday to Friday for free. If the elevator is not told what to do with the grain by Friday at noon that grain will be placed on a Delayed Price Contact. Producers that place grain on Delayed Price lose beneficial interest of that grain.

We must know; Who’s grain it is, Splits of that grain (if any), and what is to be done with the grain before the load can be dumped. With this proper information it will help speed up dumping time. Once the grain is sold it cannot be changed. When picking up your tickets make sure all information is correct.




**All Storage programs and discount tables subject to change at any time.**

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