For 111 years, the people of Southeast Farmers Coop have served agriculture in southeast South Dakota. In that time, we’ve become known for the speed and space we offer grain customers at harvest, the high level of service and quality of work our agronomy patrons enjoy and the premium Cenex® refined fuels and propane we deliver.



  1. 1906

    The Farmers Elevator Company of Jefferson, SD is formed

  2. 1907

    The Farmers Elevator Company of Elk Point is formed

  3. 1928

    The Farmers Coop Elevator of Beresford is formed

  4. 1993

    FCE Beresford purchases the Fruen Elevator Company, also of Beresford

  5. 1996

    FEC Elk Point purchases Curry Fertilizer Company

  6. 1997

    FEC Jefferson purchases Bosse Oil Company of Jefferson. Then, FEC Elk Point and FEC Jefferson merge, forming Southeast Farmers Elevator Coop

  7. 1998

    Construction is completed on the shuttle facility located between Elk Point and Jefferson, and the terminal receives its first load of grain

  8. 2013

    Southeast Farmers and FCE Beresford merge. Later that year, Southeast Farmers purchases the Hefty Grain Company facility in Centerville

  9. 2015

    Construction is completed on the agronomy facility and main office at Spink

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