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We’re in the field when you need us

When you work with Southeast Farmers for agronomy products and services, you’ll find that we’re responsive and resourceful in our approach.

We have an experienced team who will put on whatever hat is needed to help our farmer members. Whether that’s getting in a truck, treating seed, delivering seed, or something else, we take great pride in providing exceptional service every day.  

Our investments in equipment and technology also make a difference. We update our fleet regularly, which helps keeps our equipment in the field and gets the project list cleared. It’s a full team effort to meet the needs of our farmers.  

Contact a member of our agronomy team and find out what we can do for your farm operation. 


We’re a full-service agronomy company, offering a wide range of products and services.


We carry a full line of macro- and micronutrients. Whether you need dry, liquid or anhydrous, we can help.  

Order bulk delivery or utilize our custom application services to make sure your fields have the nutrients to allow your crops to thrive. 


Crop Protection Products

With the rapid pace of change in chemistry and application technology, you need a partner who is on top of the latest developments in crop protection.  

Whether it’s new chemistries, branded products versus generics, or new agronomic threats, we have the knowledge to deliver what’s needed for your fields. 

We offer a broad source of products and deep knowledge of what works on the crops of southeastern South Dakota. 

We work with all the basic manufacturers of crop protection chemicals to provide a large selection of products, including generics.  


We represent several quality seed brands to have the ability to select corn and soybean genetics that will thrive in your fields.  

Seed Treatments  

We offer numerous seed treatment options, including a full line of fungicide and insecticide treatments. We’re flexible to meet your needs for specific crops.


We do most of our crop planning in the winter, and that’s the best time to discuss your needs for the upcoming season. We like to meet with you to set yield goals and set up a program for success that includes fertilizer, seed and chemical choices.  

Whether you need crop nutrients impregnated or crop protection chemicals applied over the top of a growing crop, we have the expertise and equipment to do the job. We also offer agronomic services related to precision ag and crop scouting. 

Find out how our experience can make a difference for your farm. 


Look to us when you need to supplement your fleet with equipment that’s ready for work.

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Liquid Fertilizer Transport Tanks

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Fertilizer Spreaders

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Top Dress Fertilizer Spreaders 

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Seed and Chemical Delivery 

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 Liquid Fertilizer Knifers 

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