Looking ahead for more than a century

Caring for our members, employees and communities

Southeast Farmers is a member-owned cooperative serving southeastern South Dakota. We are a full-service company, offering grain, agronomy and energy products and services.

We’ve been here since 1906 and attribute our longevity in large part to our belief that the best way to predict the future is to create it. How do we do that? By continually investing in our people and facilities to meet the future needs of our members and communities.

At Southeast Farmers Coop, we also embrace a few undeniable truths:


No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are, how you treat people reveals your heart. Integrity is everything.  

Put people first.

Every day, we look for ways to improve the quality of life for our employees, members and the residents of our communities. We’ve found that when people come first, good things follow. 

Fiscal responsibility.

We must be profitable, protect our member-owners’ equity, and return patronage to members when possible. It’s the only way to be a sustainable business for the next century. 

Thank you for your support of our local cooperative. We look forward to continuing to serving you in the future.

A history of investments in the future

Strategically, Southeast Farmers Coop in an advantageous part of the country for growth and opportunity. Our history shows a cooperative spirit in how we capitalized on our location to build for the future.  

Coop History Timeline 20th Century

The Farmers Elevator Company of Jefferson, SD, is formed.


The Farmers Elevator Company of Elk Point, SD, is formed.


The Farmers Coop Elevator of Beresford, SD, is formed.


FCE Beresford purchases the Fruen Elevator Company, also of Beresford.


FEC Elk Point purchases Curry Fertilizer Company.


SFE Coop Formed

FEC Jefferson purchases Bosse Oil Company of Jefferson. Then, FEC Elk Point and FEC Jefferson merge, forming Southeast Farmers Elevator Coop.


Grain Terminal Operational

Construction is completed on the shuttle facility located between Elk Point and Jefferson, and the terminal receives its first load of grain.

Coop History Timeline 21st Century

Mergers & Acquisitions

Southeast Farmers and FCE Beresford merge. Later that year, Southeast Farmers purchases the Hefty Grain Company facility in Centerville.


Construction Complete

Construction is completed on the agronomy facility and main office at Spink.


Elk Point Facility

Elk Point grain terminal investments increase grain-receiving speeds from 20,000 bushels per hour to 35,000 bushels per hour.


Centerville Upgrade

Centerville upgrades add 1.2-million-bushel bunker storage with conveyors. The receiving pit can handle 15,000 bushels per hour.


Beresford Expansion

Beresford grain bunker expanded to 900,000 bushels. Additionally, $2 million was invested to increase receiving capacity at the grain flat. We can now handle 45,000 bushels per hour of corn and soybeans.


Headline Pending

Adding 12.5 bu/hour receiving for soybeans to feed a concrete bin that was just lined, upping receiving to 27K on beans. 33K hour receiving on corn. Bunker takes it to 48K/hour. 75K/hour full steam.”


Elkpoint Storage Increasing

With a target of being ready for fall harvest, we’ve started a 1.5-million-bushel expansion of upright storage at Elk Point. In addition, a new receiving pit will bring loading speeds to 40,000 bushels per hour for corn and beans.

Southeast Farmers Coop Board of Directors

Your board of directors and management team, along with dedicated, hardworking employees, are determined to move your cooperative forward by providing the best service possible.

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