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  • Morning Highlights 6.17.21 June 17, 2021
    Written by Kevin Stockard Highlights                                            The Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged, as expected, but 11 of the 18 members see at least one rate hike by 2023 and a median of two rate hikes, which was higher than expected, and 7 members think a rate hike in 2022 is possible. The Fed raised their 2021 […]
  • Morning Highlights 6.16.21 June 16, 2021
    Written by Kevin StockardHighlights                                            China has instructed state-owned businesses to limit exposure to overseas commodity markets, in an effort to reign in speculation. They also announced the first sale in years of zinc, copper, and aluminum from state reserves.China’s retail sales in May were up 12.4% from last year vs 12.8% estimate and 17.7% last […]
  • Morning Highlights 6.15.21 June 15, 2021
    Written by Kevin StockardHighlights                                            The U.S. and EU have agreed to remove tariffs on aircrafts for 5 years. The 17-year battle culminated with $11.5 billion in export tariffs in 2019. The two sides will continue to work on a long-term solution of what aircraft subsidies to allow.Goldman Sachs and Trafigura are both making headlines this […]
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  • Afternoon Market Highlights 6.17.21 June 17, 2021
    HighlightsFull day of broad-based selling in the markets. Grains got smashed today, along with the equity markets weaker and the US$ significantly higher.  Tropical system sifting around the gulf area and looking to make big splash along the coast and north in the Delta area.   Expanded limits will be in affect with Friday’s trade (which […]
  • Afternoon Market Highlights 6.16.21 June 16, 2021
    HighlightsA day of continued volatility in the grain markets as the trade evaluates weather forecasts. Support stems from tight stocks of corn and soybeans. Farmers are mostly reluctant sellers until they receive some more beneficial moisture and can see significant improvement in their crops they have planted this year. Oil markets moved higher on thoughts […]
  • Afternoon Market Highlights 6.15.21 June 15, 2021
    HighlightsQuiet day in the grain markets with a better weather outlook for the US Midwest. Crop conditions declined but not as much as the trade was anticipating. Oil prices were stronger on demand optimism during the balance of the year. Investors await results of the two-day Fed meeting, which ends tomorrow.   July options expiry takes […]
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